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Innovation & Start-Up Summit-2019

(Council of Science & Technology UP : Science & Technology, Government of Uttar Pradesh)

The Zila Vigyan Club Banda (Council of Science & Technology UP : Science & Technology, Government of Uttar Pradesh) has a vision for using innovation with indigenous knowledge to solve problems and provide the new way for sustainable developments.

The ZVC Banda is organizing an Innovation & start UP Summit 2019 at district Banda. The event seeks to find out the answer to the primary question: how do innovations provide sustainable resources and solutions by using their indigenous knowledge to explore zero budget solution of the social problems.

The three-day summit to be held from 28 to 30 January at Rajkiya Medical College Banda ,Uttar Pradesh will provide a platform for idealistic innovators from whole Bundelkhand and around the state with a passion for creating sustainable development solution and economic improvements. The representatives of different government organization/institutions/enterprises will provide wings to innovators dreams and their start-up.

This summit will feature futuristic speeches by national innovators and leaders from different districts / regions/ states

ZVC Banda Innovation & start UP Summit 2019 aims to strengthen Uttar Pradesh and Bundelkhand region start-up with a focus on Banda.

Its goal is also to explore different areas where new skill development programmes will initiate sustainable developments, livelihoods and economic developments of the regions and communities.

The event will invite start-ups using advance/ traditional/ culture/ social technologies to solve problems across domains such as agriculture, healthcare, mobility, women’s safety, waste management, etc.

Further, the present summit is highly appreciated innovators who will try to solve an everyday problem with their innovations. This summit provides a common platform for innovators of various discipline and dignitaries from government, business leaders, economists, academicians, policymakers and industry stalwarts.

The participated innovators will have an opportunity to pitch in front of investors, corporate etc. The event will also provide a ground for reverse pitching with a view to encouraging innovation by the start-up.

The Zila Vigyan Club Banda Innovation & start UP Summit 2019 will seek innovative solutions that address the pressing problems under the tentative areas like agriculture, healthcare, mobility, women’s safety and waste management, etc. This summit also wants to use as an opportunity to drive home with the point that particularly District Banda and also Bundelkhand region a part of it, facing some very serious threats — Agriculture and Agri Biz, Anna Pratha, Drought, Pollution, Water scarcity, lack of adequate Health care, Unemployment etc.

It also wants to spread awareness that the onus of creatively mind using technologies to help shape a better world lies not only with inventors but with thinkers. Finally our vision is to create the historic revolution and employment in the field of science through Innovation & start UP Summit 2019

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  • To recognize, respect and reward grassroots technological innovators

  • To promote volunteers for identification of innovators, Innovations

  • To linkup the Innovators, Traditionally Knowledge holders with present Institutional scientists,technologists and designers

  • To guide and support grassroots innovators to participate in National & international level competitions/ exhibitions

  • To motivate people for a culture of creativity and innovation in society.

Main part of Summit

  • Innovation and Start-up Expo
  • Conference on Different Social Problems and their solutions.
  • Exposure Visit

    For Students,For Teachers,For common peoples,For Farmers etc..

  • Industrial Expo
  • Inno-RANG

    Local Folk Programme,Diwari Nraty ,Songs & Dramma ,Bundelkhandi Geet– Sangeet etc.

Target Group

  • Student

  • Farmer

  • Trained Person

  • Untrained Person

Contact Us

Zila Vigyan club Banda Vikas Bhawan, Banda 210001 , Uttar Pradesh India
Phone : 05192-224024

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